Sunday, March 23, 2008

Frozen in Thunder Bay

So we've been in Thunder Bay Ontario for the past 4 days and man is it ever cold! Sure makes me wish we decided to head to Costa Rica a little sooner!

We're here visiting Alana's Family and trying to convince them to all come down in Decemeber over the holidays to have Christmas Costa Rican Style. I think for the most part we have all them exicted for the prospects of Turkey in Tamarindo! I don't know how they live up there in the far far north with the endless winters of snow and -27 wind chill. It seems like most of them sit inside for the winter and take up the sport of drinking and eating. It almost makes me want to come here and start up a health and education clinc for exercise, weight managment and health in general. I woulnd't be surprised if Thunderbay recives the most unhealthy city in canada award.

I wonder if things would be the same if they had the climate of Costa Rica? HMMMM...

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