Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One step Closer to Tamarindo

So its somewhat more offical now, we have sent in a deposit! We're 1000 dollars invested into going to Costa Rica in Decemeber 1st 2008.

Its funny how people never really beleived us when we first told them. But once you have a deposit down, it starts to click in how serious you really are. There tone starts to change and they acually ask serious questions about the situation. I guess most people love to dream, but dreamings for sleep time, we're living! So now we're one step closer to Living in costa rica!

On the business front, the sales a little closer to being done, We had some snags in communications with our potenial buyers, but after a phone call things were smoother over and our issues are somewhat resolved. This shows me that nothing beats the personal touch. Costa rica is all about the personal touch!

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