Thursday, March 13, 2008

How it all Started - The business sucess

I should start at the beginning of this whole situation that has brought upon this desire and ability to move "overseas". Everyone always says they're jealous and would love to move south and live the "pura vida" in paradise, but when it actually comes down to it, 99.5% of people would never do it. Is it because they're afraid, lack the finances or is it just a fantasy like that threesome they've always wanted, but will just never be pursue. I've been told some fantasy’s should just stay fantasy’s? What do you think?

One year and 13 days ago to be exact, we launched a website for our business. Over the previous year My fiancé (Alana) had been working for a horrible man. Even though as she began working for him and his sales doubled and tripled overnight he refused to offer her a raise. He wanted to expand and have Alana do everything, and still refused to offer a raise. Because of this Alana had refused to take on the extra work and he had threatened to fire her. She said “fine” and walked away. He never fired her, but all respect for both parties was lost and a bad situation got worse. Seeing all of this I suggested she start her own business. Her boss's success had relied on a website that was ranked high on search engines and my fiancé who has excrement customer service and sales. I figured we had the most important half of the business (My Fiancé :-)) so this could totally work! A beautiful professional website was built and launched on May first 2007 and our business was born. At first things were slow and Alana still worked at her old job. I would answer phones whenever I was home and pass her on the messages by texting her phone. She would then take a "pee break" to call clients and make sales! Eventually her pee breaks turned into a major bladder infection and she was fired in May.

Our business started out on page 72 when google first ranked it in March. Over the next few months through my own research on search engine optimizing our website flew up on the keywords I targeted. And wham! All of a sudden we were on the first/second page for a number of keywords. The phone calls started flooding in. We never expected things to progress so quickly. We were totally unprepared. In September we hit a sales record of just over 20,000 dollars. We quickly paid off all our debt (over $40,000), bought a new LCD TV, new furniture, a car and decided to take a 2 week trip somewhere warm.

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