Saturday, March 15, 2008

Where oh where should we go?

So we decided it would be great to go somewhere warm as I've never been south of Texas in my whole 27 years of life.. sad I know.

At first we thought it would be a good idea to go visit a travel agent and tell them what we wanted and see what they suggested. Our first stop was Flight center. Filled with friendly nice staff they were of little help. Basically all they did was hand us brochure after brochure and sent us on our way. After the 2nd Brochure all the resorts blend together and we had no clue what made any of them better or were any closer to deciding where to go. So we went to our good friend Google. Google is the answer to everything after all! Basically I wanted to go somewhere that had a little adventure and Alana wanted to just sit on the beach and relax. So we found a website called trip advisor, a great resource for travel anywhere in the world. it has lists of hotels, B&B's and so on for any town or region you could ever think of.

So after some searching on Google, we came across Costa Rica as a possible vacation destination. It had it all, Beach, Volcano's, Cloud forests, and more! It was a third world country but it didn't have the same issues that most other Latin counties in the area had. No army for war, a strong economy where even though the average wage was 1.5o an hour, everyone still had a job! We could rent a car, drive where we wanted and stay places here and there and get our adventure and our beach on! Perfect we thought!

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