Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Moving To Costa Rica

I'm a canadian moving to Costa Rica in Decmeber 2008 to a town on the pacific coast called Tamarindo. This blog will be about why I choose costa rica to live, my trials and tribulations and so much more!

First off, let me intoduce myself for those of you who don't know me.

My name is Bryon and I'm a man of many trades. Traditionally I'd say I'm in the Holisitc healthcare feild but over the last year, my fiance and I (her name is Alana) have built and sold a company for a pretty penny. This is how we are fiancing our trip by the way. Back to me though.. I'm 27 years old, born and Raised in the Greater Toronto area and for the last 7 or so years I have lived downtown the cold, all black wearing and emotionally void, road raging city of Toronto(its not that bad of a place, really) I love adventre and exploration of all that life has to offer.

If that doesn't make you want to read more then I don't know what will! :-P I'm also a little sarcastic if you haven't figure out alread. But hopefully you like a little sarcasam and we'll get along great! :-)

So sit back, enjoy the reading and maybe I'll let you come visit me in Costa Rica for a week!

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