Sunday, May 25, 2008

Flights from Toronto To Liberia Costa Rica

So we've taken the next big step. We just purchased our Airline tickets to Costa Rica.

I made a bit of a mistake though. in my excitement I didn't do my research. This is a warning to you all out there that its best to do lots of research. But with that said, airlines change the prices of their tickets almost Daily... I booked a flight for Thursday the 27Th for myself as I am also flying back to Portland in the first month to finish up a course I'm taking in Structural integration. After which I get busy and wait a day and then attempt to book my fiances flight. The prices change and now its about 150 dollars cheaper to book the flights on the 28Th. I go back and check my flights and they are also no longer the cheapest and I would have saved myself the same 150 dollars booking it on the Friday also. This is worse then gas price fluctuations! So I play with it some more and get busy and come back the next day. so we're talking a matter of 48 hours and I live with the fact I'm going to have to pay 300 dollars more for all these flights and attempt to book the flight for my fiance. The price has jumped again! now its 300 dollars more then what it was just over 48 hours ago... This is CRAZY! how can things change so much so fast... We're not flying away for 6 months? perhaps the increase in gas prices are now being passed onto consumers and I should actually feel good that I purchased my 4 flights for a great deal.... I'll try and tell myself that anyway!

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